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Thursday, April 16, 2009

They tell me I'm old.

Last month while visiting my parents, they gave me birthday present early! Love these freshwater pearls! They are so beautiful! Plus I love early birthday presents! :)
So last week was my biggest oldest birthday so far. 30! Crazy. It seems as though I just graduated from high school! College seems like yesterday. :) It was also Easter weekend and we got to spend some time with family. It was so nice. Mae and Scott came down from Arlington and went to church with us and then we had (made by Jay! He is such a fabulous cook) lasagna. Our little Italian Easter dinner. Mae (not pictured here) gave me a Coach passport cover and also a Coach mini wallet. She knows what I love! Pictured above is the real leather and ostrich handbag that Diane and Henry gave me for my birthday. They found it while shopping in Morgantown, WV visiting Jay's brother Rob and Christina. How did she know I love handbags!

On Friday (the big day!) my parents sent me flowers and Jay was in on the conspiring fun! I love surprises that are true surprises! And I love flowers.

Jay is tired of me always using his laptop so for the bday he bought me a little netbook. It's not good for much other than the internet and word processing but that is perfect for me! I love it.

Here is how small it is compared to a regular sized laptop. It's so small it can fit in my purse! Thanks to all who made this a very special 30th birthday. :)

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

happy belated birthday! looks like you had a wonderful day!now you are 30 and fabulous!!!