Anniversary Countdown

Monday, June 21, 2010


I have now signed up for 1/2 marathon number #2, unfortunately (or fortunately) this will be the first one I actually run!

September 5, 2010: Rock n Roll Virginia Beach 1/2 marathon. Signed up.

Maybe I just don't take the 1/2 marathon as seriously as I should being that I have done two marathons. Training for this one will be difficult, running in the hot, soupy, humid air of Virginia summers. And the 1/2 marathon should be pretty hot too. I need to start eating better and seriously training instead of just running here and there. Oooo, and maybe some new shoes. Any old excuse to shop will do!

New territory for me, hot weather (very hot) and a 1/2 marathon. Official training starts the week of July 11.

Anyone else with me?

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