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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fabulous Weekend

What a weekend! It was just what the doctor ordered. After consulting my boss on Friday, we decided that is was not necessary for me to work this weekend. Since my job is at home, it is very hard to get away from and I tend to make myself miserable thinking about work. So this weekend, I decided to not think about it at all.

I think it saved my sanity!

My new friend Candi and I headed over to Danielle's house for a girl's night. Games, eating and chatting. Lovely. Came home and slept like 9 hours! Then I was awakened by my hubby bringing breakfast to me in bed! Eggs and bacon, yum. Then I got to clean my house, most would consider this a drag but it was great for this clean freak. I even got to repot two dying plants (which are now totally rebounding)! In the afternoon we finally bought our tickets to Phoenix in May (yay)! Then it was on to Henry and Diane's for dinner and movies on Saturday night. This morning brought church which was great. We are just starting a series on He Said/She Said and relationships (the sermons are located at ) which was very good. Then we had lunch with Nick and Dana at Camille's (yum), followed by a shopping afternoon for Danielle and I. Then, to top it all off, Jay made us dinner (Jake and the kids are in Kansas this week so Danielle is on her own).

Ah bliss! I haven't been this happy or relaxed in a while! Starting my work week off right!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend also!


Jesse and Stacie said...

Sounds fun! You deserve it :) We had a great weekend too...the weather truly does effect my mood I think.

Jim said...

Wow! Can i have one of those too? Wonderful!