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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


****Warning: if you are looking for a warm and fuzzy post, stop reading here!****

Okay, so I'm the Type-A that will be having a heartache at 35. I'm not gonna lie. It's part of the reason I married Jay! He is the calming voice in my life and helps keep me more even-keeled. However, lately I've been seething with anger.

I am not advocating anger, in fact, I think it is very detrimental. I am very guilty of it over the years. My anger has come from many sources, the government, the media, my job, and just the general stupidity of my fellow man.

In the past month I've heard some of the most stupid ideas of my lifetime. I was against Bush when he advocated the bailout last fall so when Congress came up with this lovely $767 Billion disaster, I about went through the roof. Talk about ruining not only my parent's retirement, any hope I ever had of retiring and the future of my children or grandchildren.

I'm sorry, I do not fit the mold of most women. Talking about home-making (which is my dream job), cooking and crafts. Politics just get me fired up. I apologize in advance if it is not ladylike.

And that's another thing. I'm tired of tip toeing around other's feelings. Sick of it. When a conflict arises at work, volunteering, etc. I tend to pretend I don't know about it or try to find the best in either person that is involved. For once I would just like to blast someone for their blantant pettiness or incorrectness. Diplomacy sucks. I would like to use the red nuclear relationship phone.

And the media, oh the media! These people are the very bane of capitalism and free speech's existence. We are totally fooling ourselves if we think that what we hear on the news is either accurate or fair. Is it too much to ask for some honest truth!!! With no spin or advocacy?

Oh and you want to know what I heard today? California's deficit is so bad that they are considering legalizing marijuana use so they can tax it for revenue. This is wrong on so many levels and if I have to explain it to you, you are part of the problem and should consider going to rehab.

When are the people of the US going to wake up and smell the coffee!?! Are we kidding ourselves??

I digress, I'm not as angry as I sound. In fact, putting it down here for digestion lightens my anger considerably. This is MY therapy. :)

I promise, happier posts to come.

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