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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventures in Moving

7:30am Jay and I wake up and had coffee (Jay had coffee today, wasn't sure how that was gonna work out for him but it had no effect) and breakfast

9:30am church at Life Point, good stuff

11:30am went to Henry and Diane's (Jay parents) also in Fredericksburg and had a quick lunch!

noon: we (all four of us) drove up to Arlington and had a small detour at the Pentagon because the exit we needed was closed. :( Talked to a couple of Pentagon police officers and they were absolutely no help so we relied on Jill (my trusty GPS who is often wrong).

2pm: arrive at Mae's (Jay's sister) old apartment and practiced our move in a month by helping her out. I started up the first trip to her new apartment by shattering one of her wine glasses. Luckily, they were not expensive and also replaceable.

4:30pm: end up back at Mae's old apartment and have a quick meal.

6pm: leave Arlington to commute back to Fred-Vegas

8pm: home again home again, Jay has Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals to watch and I am thinking about starting the work week.

All in all, good practice for our own move, however, we will have way more stuff to move and a lot more flights of stairs to complete it. I think I'll play like I'm Scarlett O'Hara and think about that another day.....

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