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Monday, June 1, 2009

Something New

A couple of weeks ago, my boss (also my friend) asked if the hubs wanted to play soccer in their coed adult league on their team. Jay is not keen on physical activity, however, he played soccer in HS and also played intermurals at Gettysburg College with his fraternity. He is also pretty competitive in life!

He agreed right away. Jay is an early bird to bed and doesn't like anything past 9pm on the week nights (to be fair, he gets up way earlier than I do so it's understandable) and last week's game was at 9pm. Despite the late hour for him, his team won! He is already into looking at the rankings of the teams one week into the season. :)

In the spirit of support, I agree to go out the field next to our apartment tonight and kick the ball around. I have never played soccer before and have a tendency to dislike things I am not good at. To my surprise, I had a lot of fun and plan on going out with Jay again to 'practice'. It helps that he is very encouraging and a good teacher too.

Just keep in mind, he originally wanted me to go out and kick it around with me because I was more likely to kick haphazard kicks and it would help him get back into the game. :)

So my future....running or soccer?.....maybe a little of both!

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