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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House Hunting, Boo!

So many of you may know that Jay and I have been actively looking to purchase a home since about 3/08. (Our lease is up 6/30/09, yeah, I haven't started packing yet....)

In early April we put an offer on a home close to our current apartment. Everything seemed to be going well until after we got back from our vacay to Phoenix in early May. At that point we found out that there was a legal problem with the house title and the deal fell through. We went from thinking we would be in our first home the end of June to being homeless at the end of June.

Needless to say, we hit the ground running about a month ago. Looked at lots of houses but didn't see anything worth putting an offer on. (Yes, I'm from Iowa, I just ended a sentence with a proposition, so sue me....)

Last Thursday we found a gem. It is on an acre of land surrounded with trees, a pond in the back yard. It also has a front porch, a back deck and also a screened in porch. The inside of the house has tons of character (read: will be working on this for years to come, but is probably worth it) and is ridiculously large. However, this is a short sale and IF we got it (we offered below their asking price) it would be a while from now. Not before the end of June.

This time in putting in an offer, we decided to keep looking for houses so we wouldn't be out time if this didn't go through. Tonight we looked at another house and loved it. The yard and land is not as great but the house is better than the first. If I could put the land and outdoor area with this house, I would be uber aggressive about getting it. Anyway, this house was so great we also put an offer on this house. This is also a short sale so we would still be homeless at the end of June....

This is how Leta & Jay have two offers on two different houses. So now we just wait to see which one (if any) that we get. In the meantime (*spacehogs*), we will continue to look at more homes.

P.S. Don't worry Dad, we can get out of either contract......

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Jesse and Stacie said...

Exciting!! I hope you get one :)