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Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Last Lazy Weekend

June 14, 2009

8am: Jay and I get up and make cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Yum! (As will be seen, this was a great day for eating!)

9:30am: okay we leave the house at this time for church, nevermind church starts at 9:30am, I made us late. Luckily we live 3 minutes from church!

11am: come home and try to think about lunch. We decide to go to Olive Garden! Yummy.

1pm: at home again and it is time for the pool. Sadly, we will soon be moving out of our apartment complex and will not have a pool for the rest of the summer.... :(

2:30pm: we go back upstair and relax in front of the TV. :)

4pm: the Johnsons come over with the kiddos and we head back to the pool. Lovely.

6pm: We all decide we are hungry and head to Outback Steakhouse where I got the teriyaki steak and a baked potato. Man, the food was good today.

8pm: Come home and shower.

9pm: Jay heads to bed and I plan on working a bit tonight to get a jump on the week.

So sad to see the weekend go.....

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