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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mid-Night Post

So, we are almost finished with this week of transitioning. Otherwise known as the torture of moving. Oh how I hate moving. I feel like I've already completed my quota of moving in life but it looks as though there will be at least two more moves.

I've spent the whole of this week trying to cram 40 hours a week into M-Th. It worked, as of 20 minutes ago, I just completed 40 hours and then also 2 hours of overtime. Oh and that's not all, I have more work to do tomorrow. My brain is fried tonight though and my work needs to be quality so.....

Also up tomorrow, a much needed hair cut and highlight. My roots are pretty nasty. And that is the end of things that I am looking forward to in this weekend! After work and the hair appointment, I need to start taking some things over to our new residence, heirlooms, food, cosmetics, etc. Plus, I need to pack up the kitchen. I'm just praying that God will extend the day for me tomorrow as there is just so much to do.

Luckily, some of Jay's friends and then some of our small group from church will be coming over on Saturday at 12:30pm to help us pack up the POD we rented. I'm hoping for a good turnout and an easy move with minimal breakage.

Now to find our new digs......should be an interesting couple of months. Stay tuned for more blog-worthy adventures. Hopefully more good than bad. :)

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