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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life Point Gives Back

What you say does Life Point Gives Back have to do with us moving?

Well my friend, a lot.

Jay and I moved some small things to our space on Friday night. It was lightening when we loaded up the car and then poured buckets and buckets by the time we got to our destination. That's how the weekend of moving began.

We woke up on Saturday morning to an odd sound. It was the sound of our POD being delivered at 7am. Jay got ready for a morning of work and I got ready to pack up the kitchen. Henry and Diane came over that morning and pack up all of our food to take back to theirs. We ran out of boxes at about 11:30am and the moving party started at 12:30pm. Jay got off work at 12pm and ran out for 5 more boxes while we had pizza delivered.

Because we were moving we were not able to participate in something our church was doing from 10am to 12pm something called Lifepoint Gives Back. The church plan was go out out and help in the community. In the words of our Pastor, "It's time for the church to stop telling everyone what not to be doing and go out and show people God's love through our service." They did things like hand out water at local parks, load people's groceries into their cars for them, taking sweets to local businesses and washing people's windshields at the gas stations. Just because. Jay and I really wanted to be involved in this but obviously we were pretty busy.

On Wednesday, we had told our small group that we would love any help anyone could give us moving. We had a lot of people tell us that maybe they could help us so we weren't sure what to expect, especially since everyone was already volunteering in the heat for two hours prior. At 12:30pm I saw Joe and Tony show up and thought, okay, more would have definitely better but any help we can get is great.

However, we were totally shocked when over 15 people showed up to help us. What an unexpected blessing and surprise. Because of this, we had our whole apartment moved downstairs (bless them it was three flights) and strategically stacked into a POD in about 2 hours. It went so fast I hardly knew how it happened!

We feel very lucky to be a part of a church and a small group that showed their love to us. Many people barely knew us as they had just started coming. And yet they came to help us anyway.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and are so thankful that you sacrificed your Saturday to participate in the annoyance of moving, especially when it was for someone else. Thank you!

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