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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


No, not going Green. Just my posted items. I posted the following blog on a previous blog but thought it encouraging for now....enjoy.

Why do we love the underdog?

I am watching Cinderella Man and just had to ponder this question. It's not only that the opponent is evil, or that the odds are insurmountable, or that good is supposed to triumph. It is because the underdog is a picture of us. Of me.

We desperately need odds that are so far against us to somehow swing in our favor. And yet, God swings those odds in our favor for us. It looks like we are going to lose, lose the battles to our faults, our shortcomings, our sins, our wants that control us, and our desires that cripple us.

We are the lame little child that somehow beats the swift runner. We are the David that slays the Goliath. Did David's brothers and fellow countrymen mock him for trying to beat the unbeatable giant? We all have giants that seem to beat us in our lives. They punch us, they kick us while we are already down, they give us the really low blows, they try to crush us.

And as we lay there, moaning in the failure of our defeat from somewhere, our beautiful redeeming Saviour of a husband jealously attacks our enemies. He lays them out. Faults, doubts, fears, angers, he conquers them! For us! The underdogs. And then what does He do? He brings us into the ring of victory and holds our arm up, like it was us that won the fight.

How does He do this? He accepts me for what He knows I'll be, not for what I am now. How does He fight for the ones that crucified Him? The answer is His love.

Why do we love to see the underdog win? It's simple. We desperately need to see the picture of ourselves. The ones never favored to win. But through some miracle of Christ, we win. Our opponent mocks us, and tell us we are not going to win, that it is impossible. I am thankful however for knowing my Father is the God of the impossible.

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