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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hating on HGTV

So Jay and I have been looking at houses since the end of March. As many of you know, our apartment lease ends on 6/30/09. We just signed our 5th offer since March tonight. Because we have no house yet and our lease is up, we will be moving in with Jay's parents. While it is wonderful that we have that to fall back on, it poses some problems including our cat living with them and also the fact that I work from home. Talk about crowded!

Since May and our house hunting exploits, we have become huge HGTV fans. This has soured after watching multiple episodes of shows like "First Time Homebuyers", "Walk Into the First House You See And Buy It...", and "HGTV Makes It Appear Easy to Buy a Home", and my absolute favorite, "No One Else Will Ever Outbid You On Your Favorite House". The frustrations have definitely soured our experience, especially with our lease deadline.....

I mean seriously, who looks at three homes and then puts in a low offer and then moves in 3 days later? It's like false advertising making it seems so easy! I think I decided we will stop watching the home buying shows and stay just with getting decorating ideas from the staging shows.

Hopefully we will find something soon. :)

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