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Monday, June 8, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

June 7, 2009

8:30am: wake up groggily and get ready for church

9:30am: church at Life Point :)

11:15pm: Jay and I were in the nursery for the second service. So proud of Jay, he does a really good job with the kiddos who are toddler age.

1pm: lunch at the always classy Wendy's. I just wanted a baked potato and this seems like the best place

1:30pm: small grocery run

2:15pm: at home, nappy nap

5pm: wake up from said nap. Jay actually took a nap about that long too!

6pm: Cubbies game on TV (Jay) while I facebook.

7pm: ????

9pm: watched a movie

11pm: read a bit

12:30am: night night! :)

Maybe THIS weekend we will make it to the pool. We only have it for about 3 more weekends!

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