Anniversary Countdown

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


No, not our marriage anniversary. It's our 2 year mark together! We began dating July 15, 2007. :) Crazy that we have made it this far and how much things have changed! :)

Quick update on the house. God provided for us yet again. Once we found out yesterday that we had the house, we realized we only have 30 days to get our financing in order. So naturally we went online to our financial institution and tried to apply online.

We got to the end and were quoted an interest rate which we found to be acceptable. However, when we went to lock in that rate at the last screen, it jumped by 1% point. In mortgage speak this is gargantuan. It meant $100 more a month in our mortgage. We decided to wait and call the bank in the morning.

We spent the day worrying. We found out why our interest rate jumped. The home we had been in contract with in April caused our credit rating to go slightly down although it was still really good. Because the title had a legal problem, the seller had had to back out of that contract even though we had already started our loan process.

So we were upset that we couldn't get a lower interest rate. Because we are already in contract with our soon to be home, we have to apply for a loan NOW. We checked around but stayed with the same bank.

The cool thing comes in here. We went to finalize our loan application and take the higher interest rate and God had miraculously lowered our rate to almost as low as the original rate. We have no other idea how else this could have happened, given that the bank had just told us today the cause of the spike. It's not like our circumstances in our credit changed. Wow.

Although this process is very stressful, it is so neat to see how God is working out all the details. Stay tuned for more updates on the house buying process!

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