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Friday, February 12, 2010

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

Ah, the list of things that I would like to continually get more consistent with!

1. Running
2. Taking my vitamins

These three things are always in the back of my mind as things I would like to make habits! But somehow with work and life, they always get pushed back in priorities. Well Jay recently made 2 of the above things a lot easier!

1. Mid-January we purchased a treadmill! On facebook I got lots of pokes about hanging clothes on it but it has been quite useful, especially with all the snow the eastern coast has been getting! I love this treadmill, it has a hook up for my iPod so I can hook it into it's speakers and rock out while I run. Not to mention, Jay bought me a DVD player to be hooked up to our extra TV in the basement, I have no excuse not to run!

2. Jay is a very practical man. We never go out to eat on Valentine's Day because he thinks they jack up the prices, which of course they do. If I go the day after, I usually get to pick wherever I want to go in that compromise. So I was not surprised at his Valentine's gift he gave me last night. An old lady daily vitamin storage thingy, what is the word for this thing? It's a plastic container that holds all your daily vitamins for both AM and PM thus making it far to easy not to take daily! What a man! The outer package said it was approved by the arthritis foundation. I'm set.

3. With these other two goals so attainable now, I'm not sure how much of an excuse I will have not to blog. The trick being, what to write about. I have plenty (okay, copious amounts) of drama at work but if I wrote it here, it would get me fired it's so juicy! :) So we'll see what I can get to entertain the masses in it's absence.

Alas, that is all I have time for tonight. Going to see our friends the Gibsons, new little baby girl. Good night for now!

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