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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I (heart) shopping!

Jay and I just returned from a short visit to Virginia Beach where the majority of the time Stacie and I drag Jesse and Jay shopping. It's usually kicking and screaming. Usually I just shop online at JCrew, Forever21 and NY & Co.

So.....we made a trip around the mall and here is what we found:

1. Forever21 (in store): tank tops! I found several other tops that I liked but Jay did not.... hence the $2.50 rainbow of shirts. Good stuff.

2. American Eagle: nothing for me! (surprisingly!) Jay has needed new jeans forever but he is very picky about style and fit. We found two pair on sale, I almost had a coronary. He bought them without much of a fight either!

3. Coach: nothing big altough when we were leaving the store Jay asked me if I wanted anything else...... not sure what happened there and why I missed it. I just got some cleaner for my handbag.

4. Williams Sonoma: the best smelling grapefruit cleaner anywhere! I was only going to get one small overpriced $9 bottle but Jay started looking at ounces and cost benefit analysis and we got two big bottles for $30. Geez.

5. Charlotte Russe: I normally don't buy a ton here but I got this cute little pink top with flowers on it. Perfect for spring if it ever gets here!

And then today we went out again!

6. Best Buy: 3 movies on sale, all Jay's idea.

7. Lowes': vent deflectors and a level (basically my V-Day gift for Jay, nevermind he picked it out himself

8. HomeGoods: Yay, stuff for the house! I got some baking items, finally got a angel food cake pan! Also got a cute little palm throw to go on our bed.

Now if I could only blog about the things I wanted to buy and didn't!! :)

Great weekend, now on to the Amazing Race and then Extreme Home-Makeover! Off tomorrow, think I'll head to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

:) Happy shopping everyone! Where does everyone else like to shop?


Jesse said...

You forgot to mention the drag queen at Coach! That was the best story of the weekend. "Was that woman a man??"

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

Very true!!! :)