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Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I will surrender my woman card and admit that I do not like dark or milk chocolate. I do like white chocolate though...

2. My cat was found in a gutter and looked like a rat. Now he just looks like I've fed him whipped cream and peanut butter for the majority of his life.

3. Before I die, I will visit all 7 continents. (3 down, four to go)

4. I actually love to write, however, I hate writing in my job....

5. I could never read and own enough books. Makes moving fun! :)

6. My first name means the same as my middle name, Joy.

7. If I could, I would blog for a living.

8. I really dislike talking on the phone however, texting is strangely comforting.

9. I could eat a potato in varing forms every day. Probably the same for tomatoes and a cold glass of milk.

10. I was the good kid in school. No one ever heard a peep from me. Recently I saw my speech teacher Mr. Kapanka at a wedding and he commented that I was always the quiet, good kid in class. He then tells me that those are the ones that are the worst. They have no idea, I was so devious.....

11. I used to sneak the hard pieces of brown sugar from it's container to eat them when my mom wasn't looking. A probably explains the problems I've had with my teeth.

12. I owned a convertible in Hawaii in which the floorboards filled with water after a hard rain. Just the floorboards, I have no idea how the water got in, I think it was a freak of nature. I also used that experience to give Tuemler a good laugh when I would remove the water with a turkey baster.

13. A good human interest story where the person overcomes some huge setback always brings a tear to my eye. I never let people see it though....

14. I can trace my maternal father's family back to the 1700s in Germany.

15. Jay and I rarely agree on anything, just the important stuff. Keeps it exciting!

16. I used to want 6 kids. Now I'm not sure I could handle one.

17. During college I babysat for a family of four. They had an older son and triplets. I'm pretty sure one of those triplets is now a serial killer. He (at 3) once hit me with a golf club probably because I didn't get him his snack fast enough.

18. I have been blessed to witness first hand two births! What an amazing experience (for me anyway!) and Gabriel and Dinah were worth every lost minute of sleep.

19. I'd rather be at the beach than pretty much anywhere.

20. I could buy out the Yankee Candle store and still probably not have enough candles.

21. I am a deeply suspicious person. If there is a conspiracy theory to be had in a situation I will think of it and promote it.

22. Plumerias are my favorite flowers.

23. People either say I look like Sarah Jessica Parker or Caroline Bissett Kennedy (sp?). Somehow this seems twisted. One is dead and the other has been voted most ugly.

24. I believe I have the best parents and brother and sister-in-law. I think they should all move to Virginia. :)

25. I have more clothes than any one person deserves. Yet I always want more....

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Jim said...

Love yours & everyone's 25 randoms. Always so interesting.
Enjoy listening to the Gypsy Kings while reading your blog.