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Monday, January 5, 2009

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I hate speed limits. I think they are put there by an overly regulating government who does not spend enough time going after real criminals. ***Back when I worked for car place, I had to go meet a state trooper who had pulled over a rental car full of illegals. I had to pick up the car and the trooper dropped them off at the nearest McDonalds because INS is just too busy. Oh, and they got no tickets because they were not registered in this country.***

Yet, they have interest in pulling me over two times in the past month. Up until this point in my driving career, I have only managed one ticket and it wasn't for speeding.

Now to be fair, up until about a month ago, I have been a speed demon. I just don't see the point of moving slowly when I have places to be. And often times, in this greater DC area, I am unable to even move at the speed limit as we are basically moving backwards in this ridiculous traffic. Alas, that topic is for another post.....

Anyway, last month in NC while visiting Jesse and Stacie I got a ticket for speeding (first ever in my life). In my defense, there was an open road and being from DC, I was so unaccustomed to moving without inhibitions, that I was just happily driving away (at an unknown speed under and unknown speed limit) when a cop pulled me over. In my bliss of trafficless driving I had managed to be going 70 miles an hour in a 55. Who drives 55 anyway?

Aside from seething from the thought of having to spend $150 on a ticket instead of clothes I brushed it off. With all the speeding I have done in my life I figured I probably deserved it.

*******I no longer deserve any speeding tickets*************

Apparently the Sheriff's office and deputies of Caroline County did not get this memo.

Because of the ticket last month, I have been driving very carefully lately. I've been obeying speed limits in all arenas besides I-95 and let's be honest, if you are not going at least 80 on I-95, I want you off the road. You should not even be allowed on I-95 if not willing to drive that fast. Again, that is another post for another day.....

SO, I had had a meeting for work today and was driving home on Route 1. For those non-Virginians, this is a hilly 4 lane road that runs parallel to I-95 and the speed limit is 55. Because I have been so cautious lately, I put the cruise control on at somewhere between 55 and 60.

I'm driving ignorantly along, blissfully unaware of my coming doom.

As I'm driving I see an SUV with lights on pull out onto Route 1 about 3/4 of a mile behind me. I panic briefly and then realize that I have on my cruise control. I'm totally safe! :)

I keep driving and slowly realize that they are still coming up behind me and are not speeding up so as to pass me. The SUV comes right up on the BMW behind me and the BMW starts to pull over but then the SUV goes around the BMW and I start blaspheming all police departments as I realize they are after me.....

the hardened criminal......

who has a security clearance......

and has been very good lately about speeding.....


So I pull over and the deputy asks me why I think he pulled me over.

I looked as him dumbly (and innocently I might add...) and he enlightens me. You (me) were going 62. And I'm thinking, am I really getting pulled over for going 7 over? And I had been going down a hill which made my cruise control go up a bit.

I cannot win.

Then he tells me that for a brief minute, the speed limit reduces to 45. Shut the front door! Are you kidding me? That is reckless driving in Virginia and I could totally lose my license and job.

Boo to cops, go arrest someone harmful to society.

Anyway, I manage to get out of a ticket or a warning due to a fluke and he only runs a background check on me to make sure I'm not wanted anywhere.

Luckily (barely squeeked by that one) he found nothing and I was free to go.

I'm not sure how much more I can alter my behavior and if bad things come in threes I'm due for one now. I'd better start thinking about how to get out of the next one.....

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