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Friday, January 2, 2009

Bring it on 2009.

So most people out there make some New Year's resolutions at the beginning of every year. Not Jay! Jay doesn't like doing anything that everyone else is doing.

Example: He currently hates anything pomagranate because it is the 'in' thing right now. He is a such pomagranate snub. I love it however so I used that to annoy him.

So anyway, he decided several years ago that for his New Year's resolution that he would never make New Year's resolution again. So far, he has been more successful than the majority of the American public on keeping their resolutions.

So that covers Jay.

Me, I'm a little more complex. I always have the best intentions on making resolutions but then I never make them. This year I decided that I would just set a goal rather than make a resolution. So I have decided to run the Historic Fredericksburg Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon on 5/17/09.

Yes, yes, I'm a classic underachiever. Only I would set a goal of running a 1/2 marathon when I've run two marathons. However, a marathon is just more than I would like to take on. All the scheduling that goes on, you have to cut out huge chunks of your day to run in the later training and you have to schedule all your meals to make sure you eat enough carbs at the right time. I'm just not feelin' it.

So 1/2 marathon here I come. I'm telling you all because I need some accountability. Jay's already told a lot of people here so I thought I'd also share with the cyber world. :)

There you have it, my life shattering resolution. Any other takers????

Happy New Year's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim said...

Wish we could be there to cheer you on! Glad you're running again. Maybe you could get Jesse interested in doing some of that again. :)

Mary Welch said...

You go girl!!! Good on ya! You're always a winner in our book!
Uncle Leo and Aunt Mary