Anniversary Countdown

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I was thinking while scrubbing one of my toilets on what is now my ritual Saturday morning cleaning:

How did I get here?

I have to thank my mom for my love of cleanliness, because it was her idea to clean every Saturday morning.

To a child, this is utterly ridiculous torture. When I was a kid, cartoons (the good kind) were on from 7am to noon and the last thing I wanted to do was clean!

Hence my early on slothfulness.

I remember having the weekly task of cleaning the upstairs bathroom. That thing was disgusting. Probably because my brother and I were the only ones to use it. I distinctly remember incorrectly cleaning it on purpose. Either to annoy my mom (sorry mom) for giving me this horrible task or to get her to do it. Somehow, as a child, this made sense: spending time doing a job incorrectly so I wouldn't have to do it.....(duh). She still made me do it again the next week so who knows why I tried this more than once....

Now I'm a clean freak, thanks all to my mom!

So thanks mom, for making me clean. Sorry you didn't get to reap any of the benefits.


Jim said...

I was just continuing the torture my mom put ME thru in my childhood! Seemed like a good thing to perpetuate. Funny as always.

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

this wasn't a sarcastic post fyi. I really do appreciate you instilling cleanliness in us.

Jim said...

I totally knew it wasn't sarcastic. Appreciate the appreciation! Very heart warming. The cleanliness was passed down at least from as far back as Grama Ida. It's in the blood! :)

Jesse and Stacie said...

Jesse would clean just about anything but a toilet :) I also like to clean on Saturday mornings!