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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jay!!!

Today is Jay's birthday! :) We are celebrating pretty much from now until Saturday! I am currently baking chocolate cake (yuck!, it's all his!) and cheesy enchiladas for dinner! Tomorrow Jay has the whole day off thanks to him doing a favor for his boss which is a blessing because work as been stressful for him lately. Friday, a few of our friends are getting together and we are having dinner at Fuddruckers and Saturday is dinner (possibly Outback) and a movie (the new James Bond movie) with his parents. Whew! I hope he has an enjoyable one!

I began volunteering at Bethany Christian Services today. They are a non-profit organization that provides adoption services. In Fredericksburg, Va (the only location in the country for this organization) they also offer crisis pregnancy counseling/ultrasounds and they are pro-life. It was a lot of information today but I think it will be good overall once I learn the ropes!

Yesterday was the consultation with my dentist regarding my tooth. To root canal or not root canal????

The dentist chose NOT! :)

YAY! It is all to prayer and mega doses of vitamins that I didn't have to have one. So happy and now I have a brand new tooth that feels fabulous!

Well, the cake smells done. Ta-ta for now!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun said...

happy birthday Jay! I wish i could have some of that cake. yum! leta- that is awesome that you are voulunteering! that place sounds wonderful. I also try to stay involved with the pro-life organizations around here.
ps. we have a blog if you wanna check it out. i added yours to my blog list.