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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today is Tuesday. :(

Next week is Thanksgiving! Luckily my company does not work on Friday after Turkey Day so I made Jay take that day off too, especially since all of his siblings are in town. I am so looking forward to next week and not working.

Because I did not want to work on Wednesday either, I've been working extra this week so I will not have to do so. However, that means when I stop typing here, I must go sit at my computer and dutifully write some reports. :( I have 3 reports due today and 2 due tomorrow. On Thursday night I figured out that if I succeed in my plan of not working on Wednesday, I must work Friday (yesterday) thru Tuesday as my full work week.

Which in truth, makes today Tuesday if next Tuesday is Friday for me. Sigh. It's very depressing but I'm trusting it will be worth it on Wednesday and my LONG weekend! :)

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