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Saturday, November 29, 2008

There is a reason they call it Black Friday.

On Wednesday Jay saw an ad for a flat panel TV he just had to have. On Thursday at Thanksgiving, Jay somehow convinced his parents to buy said TV with their credit card.

The catch?

We had to take their credit card and fight the mobs ourselves to purchase this TV on *gasp* Black Friday. I tried to get out of it, I really did. Jay said I would have to go.

So yesterday morning, Black Friday, we pulled ourselves out of bed at 4:30am. Absolute torture for me to begin with, I hate mornings. Oh and we woke up a bit late too so we were rushing.

We made it to Wally World right at 5am (when their sales started) and the parking lot was completely full. I looked at Jay and said, there is no way we are getting this TV.

We tried anyway.

I don't know what I was expecting? Whenever we go to Wal-Mart now, it is always ridiculously busy so I guess I expected just a bit more. NO HU-WAY! As we walked through the front doors, total shock and awe. With what I witnessed, I think people were one step away from brawling, bread lines in Moscow during the Cold War style.

I should have brought a gun. If not for protection, but for crowd control.

The main aisles were completely clogged. People were just standing their with their shopping carts, unable to move at all.

I'm a really impatient person so this didn't sit well with me. Our advantage was that we did not have a cart as they were out (yeah, somehow Wal-Mart ran out of carts) so we were able to zig and zag. Somehow, the crowds became more dense the closer we got to the electronics section.

We looked futilely for a while in electronics and all we managed to do was get more tangled into the large crowd. THEN, we saw a guy with a cart that had two of the TVs we were looking for. Because we had no where else we could go, we waited for him to inch closer to us so we could find out where he had found them.

He informed us that they were all located in the food section. You, tell me how much sense that makes? TVs in the food section?

We finally found them after a lot of short cuts and pushing and shoving and Jay got his TV! :) Lines were then long checking out because everyone decided in this economy that it was wise to purchase multiple TVs. I saw some people who had bought one of each size of flat panelled TVs that Wal-Mart had to offer.

Truly crazy. Yet strangely exhilarating for me. Maybe I should take up hunting?

It all ends well though, afterwords we went to the mall and found that the style of Coach bags that I have always wanted were on sale! Looky looky, we both got our Christmas presents!

All in all a good day, what an experience!

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