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Thursday, November 20, 2008

You never can tell....

So in my job I have had a lot of weird things happen to me. I've met a guy who now lives in DC who was the tennant right before me in a house on the North Shore of Hawaii (don't ask me how we figured that out!) and then last week sometime I was on Quantico and saw an MP that I had worked closely with on Kaneohe Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. It always make you feel like it is a small world!

Anyway, last week I was again on Quantico at a tightly secured location and after proceeding through 3 bouts of security I finally get to the front desk/receptionist who has me sign my life away to be in the building (just kidding, I only got strip searched....okay, that's a lie too....). She then calls the person I am there to see and after a quick wait the woman I am waiting for comes to find me.

Now, to be fair this situation is partial my fault I guess. When I go talk to people on my daily basis in my job, I refer to these meetings as interviews. And they are for all intents and purposes, interviews. So this woman comes up to me and asks me if I am there for the interview and I respond with a yes and are you Ms. So-and-So? She responds yes and ushers me into to the basement of this particular facility. She then walks me into a room full of several people and I turn to walk back out as, clearly, I am in the wrong area. Oh and the lady does not follow me.

I'm thinking, hey lady, I'm here to talk to your sorry butt, you can't pass me off to other people!

They are all staring at me with big smiles expecting me to sit down.

It dawns on me.

I am interviewing for a new job and I don't even know it.

Instead of finding out whether this job is better than my current job and just stealing the employment interview, I fess up. When I let them know that there has been some kind of mistake, we all have a good laugh and I head back to security upstairs.

And this is what makes me (along with all of that superfluous security) 20 minutes late to interview the real subject.

Who knew, my job is never the same every day and there is always some reason to laugh at myself. I'm still wondering why that lady who led me to the 'interview' said she was the person I was looking for, maybe she was just aiming to please, or more likely, hard of hearing.

Who knows what kind of job I could have ended up with if I had just played along!

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