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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The 3 Seasons at the Palmer Household

Since marrying Jay in August, I realized that we will now be observing 3 different seasons in our home:

Football season
Hockey season
Baseball season

I actually love watching sports on TV and in person. I have also realized that baseball can be exciting contrary to my former belief.

But these 3 seasons are pretty much seamless throughout the year and they even overlap. I was already a diehard Hawkeyes fan (especially football) and of course I'll cheer on the UNI Panthers (they won last night by the way, and the game was televised here in VA due to them playing UNH I think). However, I've never really been an NFL fan. Probably because their immature spoiled players like to go to clubs and shoot themselves in the leg.....I'm just sayin'.

So since knowing and now marrying Jay, I'm a default Philadelphia Eagles fan and I actually enjoy watching, especially when McNabb has a good day. (Which is probably not today, they are playing the Giants!) Jay grew up in South Jersey outside Philly so it's easy to see why this is his team and his family's team.

Harder to explain is his NHL team. The Detroit Redwings. I'm not sure Jay has ever been to Detroit let alone lived there. Regardless, this is his team. I've always loved watching hockey (probably because of their proclivities to fighting, I'm so violent!) so the Redwings were an easy sell to me. We've also been to several Capitals games and cheer quite frequently for them.

And then comes the 3rd season for us. Baseball season. Jay was raised a Cubbies fan (again, despite never having lived in the Midwest) as both of his parents are from the Chicago area. I have no major alliance to any baseball team although a year ago I went to see the Red Sox play at Fenway Park and fell in love with the Sox. I tend to cheer for them above most other teams. We have also been to several of the Washington Nationals games but it is hard to love a team for geographical reasons only when they are consistently terrible. However, we do tend to cheer for them.

And this is how I became a sports fanatic. Okay, I'm not that bad but I now know stats of certain things and am excited when any playoffs are in session. Interesting the things that come to change your life. :)

Go Eagles! :)

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