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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Jay and I traveled down to Jesse and Stacie's home in Greenville, NC so we could celebrate Christmas with them this week. As you can tell, Jesse is uber excited about his presents!

Stacie didn't want to ruin the wrapping! :)
We got to NC on Friday night and stayed at Jesse and Stacie's place. On Saturday morning we bundled in the car and drove 2 hours to the Outer Banks, NC (OBX) for shopping and to see the beach! On the way there however, I got a speeding ticket! The first ever in my life! I totally deserve one though, I'm constantly speeding. After that ordeal we made it to the outlet stores and parked next to this dog who really wanted to drive!!!!!
The view from our hotel room in the OBX.

Me and Stacie freezing on the beach while waiting for Jesse to set up for our group photo.

The beach at night!

A great Christmas on the OBX!

We also got to watch the UNI v. Richmond game which UNI sadly lost. :(

These three pictures are all from the same house on the OBX. This guy decorates for Christmas to the hilt and people come from miles around to see his decorations. The pictures do it NO justice!

The next morning leaving the OBX. It was really warm! 60 degrees! :)

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that looks so cool. i want to go there.