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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Compounded Procrastinator

Yep, that's me.

I think there are several aspects of my personality that inclines me to this tendency. It's unfortunate, it has caused a lot of unnecessary stress in my life over the years.

A. It is hard for me to work on work when the house is messy or dirty (which it is right now)
B. I would rather wait to the last second. I see time as what is left until a deadline rather than completing things with extra time left over.... (which consequently is also how I view my bank account, thank goodness for Jay's money management!)

And here I sit, doing it as we 'speak'.

Jay went to bed 1/2 hour ago, yep, that's 8pm (EST). He is definitely the morning person of the two of us. I love being a night owl. I love it more when I'm not working though.

I'm putting off writing some reports I need to finish tonight. I do love working at night though. It's quiet, the Christmas tree lights are shining and my candles are burning. I'm also doing some laundry before our trip to NC/OBX on Friday to see Jesse and Stacie for Christmas. So all is not lost.

I do remember many all nighters in college though. I think I told myself I worked best under pressure but I think I was just over-involved in everything there and just didn't have time. I wish that was my problem tonight.

ARGH. Four small reports calling my name. I'd better run off and complete them. Let the procrastinating end. Midnight is fast approaching and then I would be late. I hate that.

Off I run, wheeeeee......

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