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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing our heinies at the Eagles game.

For Jay's birthday in November, I got him Eagles tickets (for those that don't know, he is from South Jersey), his favorite team, to be played here in DC at the Redskins. This is how excited he was this morning to go to the game!
This is the view walking into Fed Ex Field, home of the Redskins. This is also when we found out that instead of starting at 1pm, the game was starting at 4pm instead. Small oversight. It was noon when we found this out so.....

We had some major time to kill. We decided to go to the players entrance and watch them come it. We got pictures of some random Redskins players but the above picture was the only one worth putting up. ***Troy Aikman*** :) After watching players/commentators go in from noon to 2pm we STILL had time to kill so.....

We found the place Jay's sister Mae and her boyfriend Scott were tailgating and hung out with them for while. It was silly cold outside!
By 3:30pm, we made it inside to our nosebleed seats! The view was actually fine but the chill was terrible! Oh the cold wind!

Still excited, before we were miserably cold!

Watching McNabb and the boys warm up!!!

Note the unhappy look on Jay's face. I don't think either of us could feel our legs at this point. I get chills now thinking of how cold I was!

Night time at Fed Ex Field. Eagles lost. :(
So glad to be home in my nice warm toasty house! Thankful to have had this fun experience though!

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Jesse and Stacie said...

You do look cold, but it looks fun too!! Wish you guys were here too! Talk to you tomorrow. Love ya